How Uta and Ado Helped Make One Piece Film Red Into a Box Office Sensation?

One Piece Film: Red is a Japanese anime film released in 2022 that took the world by storm, becoming a huge commercial and critical success. The film was based on the popular manga series, One Piece, and was a much-awaited addition to the franchise. Nobody anticipated that this One Piece movie would land in the top 10 all-time Japanese Box Office Movies. We’ve seen a lot of One Piece movies doing great at the Box Office but what’s so different about this movie?

Well, the best thing about this movie was the addition of Ado as Uta. Ado is a Japanese singer who recently made her debut in 2020 with her digital single titled “Usseewa” which ended up at 1 on Billboard Japan Hot 100. Ado never really showed her face to anyone nor does she feature herself in her music videos.

Now, Uta was announced to be voicing “Uta” on June 8 who is the primary character in One Piece Film Red. She happened to be the perfect fit for being the singing voice for Uta in the movie. The fans were ecstatic to listen to her beautiful voice and it really moved their hearts.

Ado and Uta’s popularity played a significant role in the success of One Piece Film: Red. However, it’s important to note that their popularity extended beyond the film itself. Uta, the pirate singer, had become a cultural icon in Japanese pop culture, taking over in a way not seen since the band RADWIMPS and the film Your Name. Uta was specifically created to appeal to the same audience as Ado, tapping into the growing trend of music-based characters in anime.

The film’s soundtrack, which featured Ado’s music, was well-received by audiences and helped to further establish Ado’s popularity. Ado’s unique voice and musical style resonated with audiences and helped to bring a new level of excitement to the film. The combination of Ado’s music and Uta’s character helped to make One Piece Film: Red a standout addition to the franchise.

One Piece Film: Red’s success as the 6th highest-grossing film of all time in Japan can be attributed to several factors, including the popularity of the character Ado and her music. Ado’s success and cultural impact outside of the film have had a positive impact on the film and helped to drive its success. The film’s popularity can be seen as a result of a combination of the One Piece franchise’s previous success and the unique impact of Uta’s character as well as Ado’s music.

Previous films in the franchise have set the stage for what’s possible at the Japanese box office, and One Piece Film: Red has built upon that foundation. The film’s success can be seen as a testament to the popularity and cultural impact of the One Piece franchise, as well as the added value that a well-written character like Uta can bring!

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