Health Concerns for Voice Actor Koichi Yamadera

Anime Afar, your trusted source for the latest anime news, brings you an update on renowned voice actor Koichi Yamadera. On August 16, Across Entertainment, the leading voice actor agency, revealed that the esteemed 62-year-old voice actor, famed for his iconic roles as Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop and Aberdt Desler in Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato, has unfortunately tested positive for COVID-19.

As reported by the agency, Yamadera experienced symptoms of fever on August 15 and promptly sought medical attention, where he received a diagnosis of COVID-19. Regrettably, this health situation has necessitated his absence from the upcoming event “Seiyu Neo Kayou Fes 2023,” scheduled to take place on Sunday, August 20.

In a statement shared via his official Twitter account, Yamadera expressed his heartfelt sentiments on Wednesday, saying, “It’s truly disheartening that I won’t be able to participate in ‘Seiyu Neo Kayou Fes 2023.’ To all those who were eagerly anticipating my presence, as well as everyone involved, I deeply apologize. I am committed to making a swift recovery and returning to my best.” Stay tuned to Anime Afar for further updates and well-wishes for Koichi Yamadera’s recovery.

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