About Us

What is Anime Afar?

Animeafar is a passion project created to share anime-related information in personal and easy to understand articles. As anime lovers, we often found ourselves asking questions during our favorite shows about obscure topics that people didn’t have much information about online. So we created this site to start answering some of those questions ourselves. Along with general related topics, anime news,  and creative “How to” articles; we hope you enjoy your time here.

About The Owners

Afar Anime is a co-managed site operated by a husband and wife anime-loving team. Since an early age, they have both shared a love for all things anime. Some of their favorite titles include Naruto, Sailor Moon, and Hunter X Hunter. Post are published weekly and old articles are updated accordingly. If you are interested in collaborations, feel free to reach out at animeafar@gmail.com. 

Larthian and Syanka

Want a place to share your content?

Afar Anime is ever-growing and we would love to help support content creators. Whether you’re a writer yourself or looking to have your anime related content shared, we would love to learn more. Feel free to reach out by email animeafar@gmail.com and let us know what you have in mind!