All about Luffy’s Pirate Ship: The Going Merry

Luffy is the captain of one of the most famous pirate ships in One Piece, The Going Merry. Within this informative article, it will discuss the old ship and its history with Luffy and his crew. Important episodes related to the famous ship and characters involved with its creation. 

Who is the captain of the going merry?

Luffy is the captain of The Going Merry. He was given this position after he had won his first bounty, 30 million Beri. Luffy has been captaining this pirate ship since its creation and till its end. 

What is Luffy’s Pirates Ships Name?      

The name of Luffy’s pirate ship is The Going Merry. The ship was named after Kaya’s loyal servant who also happened to be the one who designed the Going Merry. The Going Merry was made in the East Blue. The sails of this pirate ship are red and green with gold feathers making up each corner of them. It has three masts that have white fur on top for decoration’s sake as well as an anchor at the bottom center which is decorated with

What episode did Luffy get his ship?      

Luffy got his pirate ship in the episode “Completely Infuriated! Kuro vs. Luffy, Final Battle!”. This was when he had won his first bounty of 30 million Beri. Luffy successfully defeated the black cat pirates and was gifted the ship by Kaya.

Kaya, who gifted The Going Merry.

What is the going merry Spirit?

The going merry spirit is the one that resides in Luffy’s pirate ship. It speaks to Luffy when he encounters a difficult situation and can sometimes be seen talking with his crew members. The Spirit of Going Merry has been known to guide ships home, which made it an excellent navigator for Luffy’s Pirate Crew as they sailed through treacherous.

The Klabautermann spirit that lives within The Going Merry.

More specifically the spirit goes by the name of Klabautermann. This is the name given to spirits that form within ships that have been greatly taken care of. The going merry spirit is so special that Luffy’s pirate ship was the only one of its kind to show a crew member as it sunk into the water. This shows how much this Spirit meant to Luffy and his crew members, even though they had many tough battles in which they lost their lives. 

What episode does the going merry die?

The going merry sunk into the sea during episode 312, “Thank You Merry! The Sea of Separation in the Snow”. This episode is significant because Luffy and his crew are about to come across the sea of separation. This episode is considered one of the most memorable in all of One Piece.


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