Which anime has the most episodes?

Are you one of those people who thought One Piece is the longest running anime in the history of anime? Well, you’re very wrong about this. There are a bunch of anime other than One Piece that have insane amounts of episodes and that are still airing. Today, we’ll be going to enlighten you about some of the longest running anime series with over a thousand episodes!

We get that, it’s fun to quickly finish an anime and start a new one and we might fight it very convenient as well. However, some fans like to watch anime that are long lasting. They like to form a deep connection with the events going on in the anime and with the characters as well. Such anime leave a long lasting impact on their viewers and become an important part of their lives. We’ll be talking about five such anime that have the most episodes other than One Piece and Naruto so let’s go!

1- Sazae-San

Many people might not know but this anime has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Word Record for being the longest running animated series. It has over 7000+ episodes which really makes it the longest running animated series. 

Sazae-san tells us the story of Sazae Fugota who is married to Masuo. It involves the day-to -day life of Sazae, Masuo, Namihei, Fune Isono, Katsuo, Wakame, and Tama. 

2- Nintama Rantaro

Nintama Rantaro used to be the “Naruto” of the era it started airing in. It involved the theme of ninjas. With 2,245 episodes, Nintama Rintaro is currently in production. Each episode of the series only lasts for about 10 minutes and is more directed towards children.

The story revolves around the three ninja apprentices at the Ninja Gakuen, Rantarou, Shinbei, and Kirimaru. As they’re first years, they’re called Nintamas. The three aspiring ninjas must work hard to become the best. However, our three little ninjas are more interested in playing and eating instead of practicing to become a brave ninja. 

3- Ojarumaru

Ojarumaru is one of the oldest anime that used the concept of time travelling. Nowadays, time travelling is a pretty common trope. The series has about 1857 episodes and is currently in production.

The story opens in the Heian Era about a 1000 years ago. We’re introduced to Ojarumaru who is a young boy belonging to a noble family. Ojarumaru is quite bored of his life of luxury. One day, he comes across the power stick of Enma, the Demon King. Using that stick, he transports himself to the future where he makes a new friend named Kazuma. He decides to become a part of his family. As he spends more time in the future, he makes more friends and his life changes completely. 

4- Oyako Club

Oyako club is such a wholesome and warm-hearted anime. It is one of the oldest slice of life anime that was pretty popular back then. The series had a total of 1818 episodes. Each episode ran for about 5 minutes. The series ended in March 2013. 

The series revolves around two aliens named Rompa and Lun. They get stuck on Earth and get involved with a family. We are shown the daily interactions of the two aliens with different people which gets very comical sometimes. 

5- Doraeman

Doraemon. Who is not familiar with this name. Almost all of us have watched this anime series at least once during our lifetime. It is an extremely popular anime series that is loved by kids as well as adults all around the world. The series has about 1787 episodes and it ended way back in 2005. We still see people watching this show even if it’s 2021!

Doraemon tells us the story of Nobita who finds a cat robot from the 22nd century. Nobita ends up adopting him and Doraemon in return helps Nobita whenever he’s in need. 

Final Verdict

Now you must have an idea about how One Piece and Naruto are not the only long running shows. You can check these anime out if you’re into something very light yet very long lasting!

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