When Is National Anime Day?

Anime has been one of the most popular forms of entertainment all around the world. Originating from Japan, Anime has made itself extremely popular throughout the world. People of all ages love to watch different kinds of anime and it just does not stop here. Fans love to cosplay as their favorite character from a specific anime and also buy their favorite anime’s merchandise. 

Having immense love for Anime, fans celebrate Anime Day on 15th April. Today, we’ll be talking about how fans celebrate Anime Day and the history of Anime /day as well. Read on if you’re interested to learn about Anime Day!

History of Anime 

It all started with the production of an anime film back in 1907. It was discovered in 2005 and its creator is unknown. In 1917, the anime started being produced professionally and also displayed publicly. Oten Shimokawa, Seitaro Kitayama, and Junichi Kouchi were considered the fathers of anime and produced a lot of animated films. 

In the 1930s, the popularity of anime began to soar. There was a competition between Japanese anime and Western media forms like Disney. That’s when the animators started to step up their games and used the latest techniques in creating anime. 

The first anime film that was broadcasted on television was Three Tales and it was broadcasted in 1960. The first anime series to be broadcasted on television was Instant History. 

There was a massive popularity in the manga industry during the 1970s. It was the era when the “Mecha” genre came into being and got extremely popular. In the 1980s, Gundam and Super Dimension Fortress Macross came into being and were instant hits. 

Neon Genesis Evangelion followed by Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop were experimental anime and were produced in the 1990s. They gained massive popularity due to their amazing storylines and themes. The Western countries also started showing interest in the anime industry in the 1990s when anime like Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball started getting subtitled in English. And that’s how Anime started becoming more and more popular all around the world with the release of some of the very diverse and interesting anime. 

History of Anime Day

The origin of anime Day dates back in 1975 with Comiket where 700 people took part. We see people celebrating anime Day every year on 15th April when all the fans get together and dress up as their favorite anime characters. The conventions take place all around the world and are not only restricted to Japan, as anime fans exist all around the world. Fans are able to communicate with their fellow fans and make a lot of friends like that. They’re able to see the voice actors of their favorite anime as well. Other than that, a lot of manga and different anime merchandise are also available for purchases. Anime fans truly enjoy this specific holiday to celebrate who they are.


Anime has been able to bring a lot of people together since a very long time. Fans are able to appreciate the existence of anime and celebrate the day to their heart’s content. It is truly a beautiful feeling to be surrounded by people like you!

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