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Tokyo revenger is a New Generation Shonen anime that premiered on March 21 and has quickly grown and gained a place in the hearts of many fans, which is impressive for an anime that is still airing. Directed by Koichi Hatsumi, and produced by Liden Films Studio based on the manga written and illustrated by Ken Wakui, which won the 44th Kodansha Manga Award for the Shonen category in 2020.

Personally, I prefer to wait till an anime is completed before binge-watching it, but the popularity of this anime is no joke; literally, every anime platform I follow is talking about it, and there are tons of AMV (Anime Music Video) using clips from the anime. I was beginning to feel intimidated, and I wanted to stick to my policy of not watching series that’s still airing, but I was compelled to break that policy 😢.

After watching it, I can tell you all that this anime is fantastic! I was captivated from just the first two episodes; I was so engrossed in the show that the remaining episodes seem like it was just 5 minutes long. Before I realized it, I had finished all nine episodes and was looking forward to the next. Another reason I don’t watch anime that’s still airing; The SUSPENSE!

I’ve seen several time travel animes, but this one introduces a new and intriguing time travel concept. A big kudos to everyone that contributed to this show.


The story revolves around Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old boy with little hope in life, compelled to apologize for everything, even when not at fault, also bullied by children. Sad right?! His entire life wasn’t exactly pathetic, as he had some of the most incredible experiences from his second year in middle school. He had respect, a group of trusted friends, and even a girlfriend. Things had just taken an unexpected turn for him.

Takemishi discovered that his only girlfriend, along with her brother, had been murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang, better known as Tomen; a grade-school biker gang that has grown into a full-fledged mafia, committing every possible crime.

For some reason, He was able to time-travel twelve years back in the past, when he was still dating Hinata. Recognizing that he has a chance to save Hinata from her sad death by manipulating the flow of time, he decides to infiltrate the Tokyo Manji Gang and rise through the ranks in order to rewrite the future and save her.


One of the series’ best features is the characters; each one has a unique trait that helps recognize who is who. Everyone has their quirk and stays in character, and the voice actors that bring the characters to life are amazing.
In this article, we’ll be reviewing the main characters, please be aware that spoilers may be included. So, let’s get started!

Takemichi Hanagaki

Voiced by Yuki Shin (JAP); A.J. Beckles (ENG)

Takemichi, the story’s main protagonist, usually referred to as “takemitchy” by Mikey and the rest of the Tomen gang. He was mentioned several times in the plot above, so you already know a little about him.
A crybaby who apologizes for everything, even when not at fault. Travelling back and forth in time, on the other hand, progressively transforms him into a completely new person. Gradually transforming from a coward to a man of unwavering conviction.

Takemichi possesses a supernatural power that allows him to travel back in time. Although, he can only travel back 12 years. To use this power, he must shake hands with Naoto, Hinata’s brother in the present to travel back in time and do the same with him in the past to come back to the future. He travels back in time to save his ex-girlfriend Hinata, as well as everyone else he cares about, as he sets out on a quest to become a top member of Tomen.

Sano Manjiro “Mikey”

Voiced by: Yu Hayashi (JAP) & Aleks Le (ENG)

Manjiro, usually referred to as “Mikey” throughout the series. He’s the president and founder of the Tokyo Manji gang. Although he doesn’t look like it, He’s normally a carefree teenager who loves to joke around and play pranks on people he considers close friends, however, when it’s time to lead the gang, he transforms significantly, becoming formidable and dominating.

He’s regarded as the strongest member in Toman and practically in the entire series but only fights when necessary. Draken, his righthand, always had his back.

Ken Ryuguji “Draken”

Voiced by: Tatsuhisa Suzuki (JAP) & Sean Chiplock (ENG)

Ken is referred to as Draken throughout the series. he’s the vice president of the Tokyo Manji Gang and a founding member. He doesn’t appear to be an average teenager as he stands taller than the rest of the gang and has dragon tats on his head. Why would a middle schooler have a dragon tattoo on his head?

He is best friends with Mikey and holds him in high regard. He puts up with Mikey’s pranks, carries him around when he falls asleep, takes him to his favorite restaurants, and wakes him up for school every morning.

Tetta Kisaki

Voiced by Showtaro Morikubo (JAP)

Kisaki is the main antagonist in the series. He climbed to the top of the Tokyo Manji Gang by manipulating Mickey and Draken. The majority of his actions in the story centers around his goal of becoming Tokyo’s strongest and prominent criminal.

Kisaki’s primary motivation in life is his obsessive love for Tachibana Hinata since childhood. Observing Hinata’s attraction to Takemichi, who aspired to be a delinquent, he came to the obvious conclusion that if he became Japan’s top delinquent, Hinata would fall in love with him. Due to the rejection, this love turned into another thing as he is the main cause of Hinata’s death in the future

Kisaki is a ruthless and clever criminal who will go to any length to attain his objectives. Even those who are tougher than him obey him since he has the power to rule through fear. Kisaki joined several gangs in order to accomplish his ambitions; he was a member of Moebius, a Valhalla commander, a Tenjiku general staff member, and finally, Tomen president.

Keisuke Baji

Voiced by Masaaki Mizunaka (JAP)

Baji is devoted to Toman and will go to great lengths to ensure that it does not stray from its path. For the sake of Tomen not getting lost, he willingly portrayed himself as the antagonist of the entire story. By joining Valhalla and convincing them that he had severed links with Tomen, he put on a good show.

He is one of Tomen’s strongest members, perhaps the third strongest after Mikey and Draken in the Tokyo Manji Gang. He can hold his own against dozens of opponents, As shown in a scene where he fought his way through 50 attackers with only an iron bar by his side and a nasty stab wound in his back.

Tachibana Hinata

Voiced by Azumi Waki (JAP) & Lizzie Freeman (ENG)

Tachibana Hinata, usually referred to as “Hina” by Takemichi. She’s Takemichi middle school ex-girlfriend and the key reason behind his journey back in time to fix the past. She is a sweet, bold, and strong-willed heroine willing to go to extremes to protect those she cares about. As evidenced by a scenario in which she slapped Mickey, Toman’s leader. “You can’t just let these guys push you around. I’ll protect you.” She says to Takemichi.

Tachibana Naoto

Voiced by Ryota Osaka (JAP) & Griffin Puatu (ENG)

Naoto, Hinata’s younger brother, was scheduled to die in the future with his sister. However, this changed when Takemichi traveled back in time and altered the timeline by telling him about the future. Naoto is the trigger to Takemichi’s time travel abilities. And, in order to save his sister, he became a detective, following in his father’s footsteps.

Masataka Kiyomizu “Kiyomasa”

Voiced by: Satoshi Hino (JAP)

Popularly referred to as Kiyomasa throughout the series, he’s Shibuya Third Mid school boss and a former member of the Toman gang. Kiyomasa is a nasty and violent individual who brutalizes anyone he considers to be beneath him. He doesn’t seem to understand the delinquent way of life, which got him tossed out of the gang as he started organizing fights for his gain. He wasn’t given enough screen time ever since then.

Atsushi Sendo “Akkun”

Voiced by Takuma Terashima (JAP)

Popularly referred to as Akkun by his friends. He is the leader of a small group of delinquents who believe they are the real deal but are little more than a bunch of clowns. As the group leader, He cares deeply for his friends as he was willing to kill Kiyomasa in order to free himself and his friends from slavery. He’s the coolest of his friends, always calm and composed.

Akkun became a member of the Toman gang when takemichi altered the timeline for the first time. Akkun stabbed Kiyomasa and was imprisoned in the first timeline, but because Takemichi’s time travel stopped the event from happening, he is now a member of Toman. But not under Mikey’s administration, but Kisaki’s. Toman descended into darkness after Kisaki’s takeover, leaving Akkun afraid and helpless to escape. Leaving him with no choice but to commit suicide, pleading to Takemichi, to save everyone, as he already knows he can time travel.

Takuya Yamamoto

Voiced by Yūya Hirose (JAP)

There isn’t much to say about Takuya as he didn’t get enough screen time. He’s a middle school classmate of Takemichi’s as well as a member of Akkun’s little circle of delinquents. Takuya, like Takemichi’s other buddies, is very passionate about his friends.


I know this is a character guide article, but I can’t leave without talking about the songs. Both the opening and closing are pleasing. I’m a sucker for nice OP-ED’s, even if I don’t understand a word said. If you are also into good OP-ED, you should listen to cry baby by Official Hige Dandism (OP). and Koko de Iki wo shite by Eill (ED)

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed this piece, and don’t forget to check out Tokyo revengers. The hype was well-deserved

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