Fruit Basket Characters, Who are the 12 Zodiacs?

Fruits Basket graces us with a very promising and interesting premise that makes us watch the series immediately. It features the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs and is based on it. The series includes a bunch of characters, as each character represents a specific Zodiac Sign. Today, we’ll be introducing you to the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs that each of the characters represents. We’ll talk about their personalities and the way they behave with each other. So, let’s get started!

1- Kyo Sohma (Cat)

Kyo Sohma is the main protagonist of the series. He is possessed by the Cat which is not an official Chinese Zodiac sign. His personality is very similar to a cat. He’s seen lazing around, has a nasty temper, looks very cool and charismatic, loves to eat fine foods and has trust issues. He’s cat-like in every way possible. Even though he has a short temper, he’s shown to be very friendly and loyal with the people he cares for.

Tohru changed Kyo a lot. He changed from a stubborn and sharp-tongued guy to a very calm and gentler one. He let down his wall and let Tohru in which made a positive impact in his life. Though he keeps a facade of a very tough guy, he’s actually a very sensitive and emotional person. Little by little, Tohru took away all the hatred from his heart.

2- Yuki Sohma (Rat)

We have the first official Zodiac Sign with us that Yuki Sohma possesses. It’s the Rat. He resembles a rat in a lot of ways. He’s sharp, quick-witted and has a certain charm to his personality. He is shown to be a perfect guy with no flaws. Yuki has shown to have a very kind and gentle personality. Although he seems perfect, deep inside, Yuki has a very low self-esteem. This stems from the abuse he faced as a child and because of that, he often feels very lonely.

Thanks to Tohru, she made a positive impact in Tohru’s life. She healed him from his past traumas and solved his issues for him. Yuki started sharing his feelings and opened up more than before. He becomes more confident in voicing his opinions because of Tohru’s influence.

3- Hatsuharu Sohma (Cow)

Hatsuharu sohma is possessed by the Cow from the Chinese Zodiac Signs. He appears like a cow from his appearance, like he has big eyes and white hair just like a cow’s. Other than that, he’s extremely strong just like a cow. Hatsuharu has two personalities, Black and White. When he’s White, he acts normally and is very calm and composed. However, in his dark mode, he becomes rude, violent and perverted. He becomes his black version only when he is provoked.

4- Kisa Sohma (Tiger)

Kisa Sohma is the Tiger from the Chinese Zodiac Signs. Though she looks tiny and extremely adorable, Kisa is as fierce as her Zodiac Sign. She is very violent and tends to bite those who get close to her. Because she was bullied at her school constantly, she is very aware of her surroundings and has trust issues. That;s why she doesn’t get along well with people around her.

Despite her violent nature, Kisa is a very shy and sweet girl. Tohru brought out the best in her because of her friendly nature and made Kisa more confident.

5- Momiji Sohma (Rabbit)

Momiji Sohma is possessed by the Rabbit from the Chinese Zodiac Signs. He looks extremely cute because of his adorable features and short height, just like a rabbit. He’s seen to be very cheerful and full of energy most of the time. He’s the mood maker and lifts up everyone’s mood whenever he’s around. He also tends to be very mischievous as he can’t live without having fun. Though he appears to be very childish, he possesses great empathy for others. He’s also very smart and emotionally very strong.

6- Hatori Sohma (Dragon)

Hatori Sohma is one of the oldest members of the sohma family and is possessed by the Dragon from the Chinese Zodiac Signs. Hatori is extremely charming and looks very regal. He appears to be quiet and serious most of the time. He fears none and often exudes an intimidating aura. Despite his mature and serious personality, Hatori often tries to crack jokes and shows childish behaviour.

7- Ayame Sohma (Snake)

Ayame Sohma, the older brother of Yuki Sohma, represents Snake from the Chinese Zodiac Signs. He’s very close to Hatori Sohma and is also one of the older members of the Sohma family. Just like a snake, Ayame is very deceitful. He’s overconfident and very charming. He loves including himself in every conversation and also loves making everything about him. Ayame wants to be close to Yuki as they were separated as children.

8- Isuzu Sohma (Horse)

Isuzu Sohma is the Horse from the Chinese Zodiac signs and is an extremely cold and unbothered woman. She’s proud of herself and considers her an independent woman. She’s also very swift in making decisions. She hates depending on others and considers herself her one and only friend. She gets a little better after meeting Tohru and having an emotional breakdown in front of her. However, she still retains some of her cold and unkind personality.

9- Hiro Sohma (Sheep)

Hiro Sohma is one of the youngest members of the Sohma family and represents the Sheep from the Chinese Zodiac Signs. He’s initially very shy around others but is open to anyone he cares about. He often tends to criticize people who are older than him and considers himself very smart and resourceful. He gets arrogant sometimes and considers himself above everyone else.

10- Ritsu Sohma (Monkey)

Ritsu Sohma represents the Monkey from the Chinese Zodiac Signs. He might be the only character from Fruits Basket that is not like his Zodiac sign at all. He’s very soft spoken and calm unlike a monkey who is very loud and fun-loving. Ritsu also has a very low self-esteem and hates being in the spotlight. He’s very agile which is the only thing that he shares with a monkey. Ritsu tends to be very apologetic and apologizes at every minor inconvenience anyone has to go through because of him.

11- Kureno Sohma (Rooster)

Kureno is also one of the oldest members of the Sohma family and represents the Rooster from the Chinese Zodiac Signs. Though his curse had been broken, he still likes to pretend that the curse is still there. Just like a rooster, Kureno is very proud. Always keeping his cool and well-composed. He’s also very kind and polite towards others. His personality strongly resembles Tohru’s.

12- Shigure Sohma (Dog)

Shigure Sohma represents the Dog from the Chinese Zodiac signs and is also one of the oldest members of the Sohma family. He’s a very laid back and fun loving man. He is also very wise and loves giving advice to others. He’s shown to be a very sly and selfish man later in the series. He is obsessed with his wife Akito and wants their curse to be broken. Because of his selfish desires, he often seems to be very malicious and evil. Tohru was the one who repaired his broken heart and lessened his bitterness over time.

13- Kagura Sohma (Boar)

Kagura Sohma represents the Boar from the Chinese Zodiac Signs and is an extremely girly and sweet girl. She absolutely loves being pampered and wants a lot of attention from Kyo. She’s also very friendly and polite towards everyone. Kagura has a lot of love to give and is very affectionate towards others. She loves hugging and being hugged. Kagura is often seen to be very aggressive if things don’t go her way. She also gets sad because Kyo doesn’t care about her as much as she does.


So, here were all the characters representing each Chinese Zodiac sign. There’s definitely a variety of them with personalities very similar to their Zodiac Signs. I Hope every character and their Zodiac Sign is clear to you now!

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