Fena: Pirate Princess Characters

Fena: Pirate Princess is a fresh new anime that takes us to an exciting adventure. It’s so good that it has us hooked to it from the very first episode. Everything from the story to the visuals is breathtaking. It really deserves all the grace it’s getting.

Let us enlighten you about its story first. The story revolves around Fena who is an orphan and is living on an Island where women are used and then discarded by the British Soldiers. Fena is the only one who does not look normal out of all the women on that Island. She gets to know about her mysterious past and that’s when she is saved by a group of Samurais who help her reveal her past.

Now that you know about the story, let us introduce you to the characters one by one!

1- Fena Houtman

Fena Houtman is the main female protagonist of the series. Although she’s shown to be an orphan, she’s actually a princess. She lives on an Island named “Shangri-La” and had been attempting to escape that horrid place. One day, she’s really close to her doom when a group of Samurai rescue her and take her with them. 

Fena has very pale skin and long platinum hair. Her eyes are blue as the ocean and used to wear a long gown as a harlot on the island. However, when she left with the Samurais, she started wearing a pirate’s outfit and cut her hair very short. She also wears a heart shaped necklace at all times. Her weapon is a pirate sword.

Despite her tragic past, Fena has a very cheerful and bubbly personality. Though she looks very fragile, she’s actually very strong mentally and emotionally. Her main strength is that she’s not ready to give up and is very strong-willed. Fena also cares deeply for her companions and also treats them with kindness and care.

2. Yukimaru

Yukimaru is the main male protagonist of the series who helped Fena escape the Island of Shangri-La. He is also the leader of the Seven Samurai who are accompanying Fena in order to help her.

Yukimaru has long black hair ties in a ponytail and deep black eyes. As a samurai, he wears a black haori and a red scarf wrapped around his neck. Later, he wears a black ninja outfit. He uses two samurai swords as his weapons. 

Yukimaru seems as if he has a nasty temper. He remains quiet all the time and rarely smiles. As he knew Fena from his childhood, he is extremely protective towards her. He shows great leadership skills and keeps all his companions together. He is prone to getting embarrassed when Fena is around him and it is speculated that he has feelings for Fena. 

3- Shitan

Shitan is one of the Seven Samurais who helped Fena escape from the Island. He’s a tall man with handsome features and long black hair that reach his shoulders. His appearance makes a lot of women fall for him throughout the series. His samurai outfit includes a purple haori and a brown scarf wrapped around his neck. Later, he’s shown to be wearing a black ninja outfit with purple arming garments on his chest.

Shitan is shown to be a very carefree and easygoing individual. He’s a very loyal persona and despite his carefree personality, he knows when to get serious and stern. He loves his companions and will not hesitate dying for them. He’s also shown to be very intelligent and calm.

4- Karin

Karin is the only female member in the group of Seven Samurais who are helping Fena in her quest. Karin is a petite girl with an athletic body and long black hair. Her skin is fair and has big brown eyes. Initially, she wore a black haori with black pants and a grey obi. Later, she’s seen to be wearing a black ninja suit and brown leather arming garments on her chest. She uses two pistols as her weapons. 

Karin has an obsession with technology and weapons. She can’t help herself if she comes across some interesting machinery that she could use. She gets excited easily and is shown to be a little dumb at times. She loves annoying her companions, making almost all of them a target of her pranks. Despite her childish personality, Karin cares a lot for her companions. Despite her arrogant nature and nasty temper, she’s extremely cool with her companions, including Fena. 

5. Enju

Enju is Kaede’s elder twin brother and they both are a part of the Seven Samurai who are helping Fena out in her quest. Enju is a tall guy and is very lean just like his twin brother, Kaede. He has green/brown eyes and light brown hair. 

He wears a dark brown helmet that has two horns at the sides. He also wears black ninja clothes later in the series like his other companions. Enju has a very friendly and mischievous personality. However, he’s the mature one out of the twins and has more dependability. He’s also shown to be a little flirty. Just like other members of the Seven Samurai, Enju is also very helpful towards his friends. He’s always there for his companions and had shown great courage when he had to protect Fena against the enemies along with Kaede.

6- Kaede

Kaede is Enju’s twin brother and also a member of Seven Samurai who helped Fena escape the Island of Shangri-La. As Enju’s twin brother, Kaede looks exactly the same as Enju.

Kaede has brown eyes and dirty blonde hair and is of the same height as his twin brother, Enju. He wears a black helmet that is a little different from Enju’s as his mask has v-shaped marks beneath the eyeholes and Enju;s mask is moustached. 

Kaede is just like his brother, mischievous and friendly. However, he has shown to be more manly than Enju. His manliness was evident when he was saving Fena from a bunch of enemies along with Enju.

7. Tsubaki

Tsubaki is one of the members of the Seven Samurai who helped Fena escape the Island and are accompanying her to help complete her quest. Tsubaki has dark brown hair that is tied in a low ponytail. He has brown eyes and freckles around his nose. The Samurai helmet he wears is green and has two horns. The helmet also has a mane.

Tsubaki is the eldest of all the members from the Seven Samurai. He acts mature most of the time and always tries to discipline everyone in the group. He makes everyone behave well with each other. Tsubaki can be quite scary when the members are not listening to him and are creating a fuss over nothing. He reprimands them really well and only then the energy of the group is normal. He tends to punish those members who are disturbing the peace and discipline of the group.

8. Makaba

Makaba is the last member of the Seven Samurai who are accompanying and helping Fena out in order to know about her past. Makaba has short black hair and has black eyes. He’s very tall and muscular. He’s probably the tallest in his group. Makaba wears a dark purple helmet with a grey moustache and a big mane. Makaba is the most well-mannered member of the group and has shown to be very kind and gentle towards his allies. Despite his big and intimidating stature, Makaba speaks gently with everyone and treats his friends with kindness. Makaba is a true gentleman as well.


We hope you liked this list of the Characters of Fena: Pirate Princess. There are a bunch of characters that are to be revealed yet. We’ll definitely come back with more!

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