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Ijirinaide, Nagatoro-san is a new generation anime television series directed by Hirokazu Hanai at Telecom Animation Film, Written by Taku Kishimoto based on the manga “Don’t mess with me, Miss Nagatoro” by “774” one of the artist’s best work. The adaptation was first revealed on July 2, 2020, and it began airing on April 11, 2021. The manga consists of 10 volumes while the tv adaptation will consist of 12 episodes, as far as we know. The show fandom is growing by the day, as manga fans have been waiting for a Tv adaptation for a long time.

This is a romantic comedy and a slice of life show about a shy and introverted high school boy named Naoto Hachioji, also known as “senpai” in the series, whose life is turned upside down when he meets a girl named Hayase Nagatoro a junior student who enjoys teasing him after seeing him as an introverted nerd. Her teasing is sarcastic, well intentioned, and flirty. At first, He’s not sure whether it’s just to get a reaction from him, to make his life miserable, or if she’s secretly in love with him, but he gradually catches on.

This blogpost will focus on the main characters of the show, so we’ll get straight to it. Since the anime is still airing with only a few episodes out, we’ll be referencing the manga a lot.

Naoto Hachioji (Senpai):
He is a student at Kazehaya High School, class 2-B, who is continuously teased by Nagatoro, the other main character, who only refers to him as “Senpai” throughout the series, even when he attempts to introduce himself. “I don’t care what you call yourself, Senpai; Senpai is perfectly fine as Senpai,” she said.
He’s a shy, nerdy, introverted aspiring artist who avoids socializing and appears to have no friends at first, but as the story progresses, he forms bonds with Yoshi, Gamo-chan, Sakura, and Nagatoro herself. Daiki Yamashita provides the character’s voice.

Senpai’s real name is rarely mentioned in the manga; aside from Nagatoro calling him senpai, every other character refers to him by a different nickname: his classmates refer to him as “Nao-kun.” He is referred to as “Paisen” by Gamo-chan. Yoshi calls him “Sense,” while Sakura adds the suffix “-kun” to his name and calls him “Senpai-kun.” He is well-suited to the nicknames.

Hayase Nagatoro:
She’s one of the show’s two main characters, a student in class 1-C at Kazehaya High School who teases and bullies her Senpai, the other main character while harboring sincere feelings for him. She’s voiced by “Sumire Uesaka.” Nagatoro is a feisty, athletic, well-known, and very cruel girl with a heart of gold. She is part of a clique together with her friends Gamo-chan, Yoshi, and Sakura. Despite her interest in martial arts, she is a member of the swimming team.
Despite denying her feelings for Senpai and constantly teasing him, she is possessive of him and will not allow her friends to taunt him. Even after making sexual comments about Senpai’s virginity and calling him a pervert on a regular basis, she is very anxious and sensitive about sexuality. She is very much a tsundere. Sakura refers to her as “Toro-chan,” the president refers to her as “cat girl,” and the majority of her friends fondly refer to her as “Hayacchi,” despite the fact that this annoys her at times.

Yoshi is a supporting character in the series, voiced by “Aina Suzuki,” a student in class 1-C at Kazehaya High School whose full name is unknown. Yoshi is a simple-minded childlike who acts as a sort of sidekick to Gamo-chan, Sakura, and Nagatoro herself inside the clique.

She has a habit of speaking in a loud, random voice and of imitating the behavior of other characters as well as repeating the last word they say like a parrot. She’s regarded as a tag along who follows Gamo-chan around, assisting her in whatever schemes she has in mind, especially teasing Senpai. Yoshi is the most gluttonous of the girls’ group, devouring everything/anything, no matter how unhealthy. The majority of background scenes that feature her will show her eating something.

She not only appreciates Senpai’s manga but is also a One-Piece fan and knows basic shogi moves, turning her into a closet nerd who shares interests with Senpai. She usually refers Senpai to as “Sense,” which is short for “Manga no Sensei.”. She enjoys using the catchphrase “Hilarious!”

Maki Gamou:
Nagatoro’s best friend, better known as Gamo-chan, is a supporting character in the series. Gamo-chan, like her best friend Nagatoro, is a violent, cruel, cynical, cunning, and bossy girl with a sadistic streak. She is the most powerful bully in the girls’ clique, which includes Gamo-chan, Sakura, and Nagatoro herself. Regardless of her general behavior, she is a calm and collected woman who never loses her cool and has shown to be patient and thoughtful. Gamo-chan usually refer to Senpai as “Paisen”

Sakura is a supporting character in the series, voiced by “Shiori Izawa,” a student in class 1-C at Kazehaya High School whose full name is undisclosed. Sakura is a laid-back, level-headed, sweet, kind, and flirty girl who is a member of the girl’s clique, alongside Gamo-chan, Yoshi, and Nagatoro herself. Despite the fact that she often participates in her friends’ antics, she is still extremely friendly especially towards Senpai.

She is the most popular with boys among all her peers, and she is almost certainly the only one who has had past relationships. Sakura is implied to be a very hard-working young woman despite always being exhausted, lazy, and procrastinating, as well as having a poor academic record since these are likely side effects of her part-time job as a clerk. Sakura is very polite and respectful and she often refers to everyone, even her closest friends by adding respective suffixes to their names, so she addresses Senpai as “senpai-kun” by adding the suffix “-kun” to his nickname.

Prez is a supporting character in the series, voiced by “Nana Mizuki,” who acted as the “President” of the art club of which Senpai is a member. The President is an extreme, strict, and responsible young lady with a public nudity problem. While semi-retired, she continues to oversee the club’s administration and logistics. she eventually became angry and began a dispute with them after Gamo-chan, Yoshi, Sakura, and particularly Nagatoro transformed the club room into their hangout.

The President is also completely unashamed, or at the very least unconcerned about, the naked human figure, especially her own, as expressed in her art and to the point of displaying nudist attitudes in real life. She enjoys being naked whenever she can get away with it, and she is later revealed to be a streaker. With her habit of running around school naked late at night, she became known as the “Female Pale Ghost” of Kazehaya High School. The manga has a fantastic plot, and I believe the adaptation would be even better. This is a must-watch series, It’s well worth the hype

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