Does Sailor Moon get married?

Sailor Moon – the anime that pretty much introduced the “magical girl” genre to the western world and the series that was the reason for making of so many future anime fans. We all love it and know it, but does the main character, Sailor Moon herself, find love in the series and eventually says YES to her wedding dress? Short answer: yes, Sailor Moon does get married!

Who does Sailor Moon marry?

The answer to this question probably comes as a no-brainer for most Moonies, though if you didn’t see the live-action reinterpretation of the series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (better known as PGSM), you could only guess. Sailor Moon’s wedding day was shown in full on screen in the 50th and the last episode of PGSM, “Special Act – We’re Getting Married”. And the lucky man is…. well, obviously, Tuxedo Mask aka Mamoru! Sailor Moon marries Tuxedo Mask.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask

I mean we all saw it coming, Mamoru’s and Usagi’s relationship made us all swoon several times, though their differences and constant quarrels did cause doubt here and there. Nevertheless, those little fights and clashes are what makes this couple so interesting and likable, they are the textbook example of the “opposites attract” saying – our impulsive Usagi sure does need some of Mamoru’s cool and collectiveness.

Also, we cannot forget about the fact that they were pretty much destined to be, given that they had an epic love story in their previous lives as well, as Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom and the Earth’s Prince Endymion. Their love was the cause of the destruction of the Moon Kingdom, but it’s not their fault that Earth Queen Beryl’s obsession with Endymion made her all cray-cray. The discussion about their age difference could be a sensitive topic, though a 14-year-old and a 17-year-old sharing romantic feelings for each other isn’t such a rare occurrence nowadays…. what are your thoughts?

Sailor Moon’s Wedding

However, that 3-year age gap becomes irrelevant as they all grow up in the “Special Act — We’re Getting Married” episode, as it takes place 4 years after the previous one. Usagi, Mamoru, and the rest of the squad are living normal and common lives in that future and, instead of saving the world, everyone is busy helping and planning the big wedding day which is due in one week. The happy couple goes wedding dress shopping, but of course, them being them, they start to fight as Usagi was overly excited about the wedding and Mamoru looked uninterested in all the planning details and said that he pretty much doesn’t care about that and that Usagi can make all the choices and do however she sees fit.

Now, it’s clear how that attitude can easily be misinterpreted in a bad way (which is exactly what Sailor Moon did), but, as Mamoru explained, he meant that he only cares about getting to marry her and that they are not getting married just for the sake of throwing a wedding party. They almost called off the wedding because of that conversation, a villainess kidnapped Mamoru and was just about to marry him herself, But the Scouts transformed one last time, defeated the enemy, and Usagi and Mamoru finally said their vows!

A happy ending, don’t you think?

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