Anime Popularity by State (Top Ten List)

I was cruising on my usual anime sites and when the thought came across my mind. Anime has gotten pretty darn popular. That might be in part due to the pandemic that swept nations in 2020, which led to more downtime to pick up viewership. That thought then led me to wonder what states in the U.S. are most interested in anime and what they are interested in. So I went to google trends (universal thinking pot) and put together this article.

Google Trends Research March 29th 2021

I did a full year of search history in order to have a large pool of data. Then I noticed a similarity amongst all the states. The main searches among all the states were relatively common searches IE: Best Anime. So in order to make things more interesting, I also sorted by current trending topics by state. This added a lot more variety to the mix and gave an interesting insight into what each state was currently fixated on.

Trends sorted by Top Overall and Currently Trending

Check out the list below to see the top ten states ranked by interest in anime (based on google trends) and what their current interests are.

10.) New Mexico

New Mexico’s year long interests were focused mainly on characters of shows ie: best boys and girls. Their trending interest involved more digital tools. They wanted anime wallpapers and Anime Filters. When i looked deeper into what anime filters meant, the similar searches involved tiktok and snapchat. Therefore one can make the assumption that anime viewers of New Mexico love to show off their fandom. Then the popular website Anime Planet came in as the third trending anime related search.

New Mexico's Interest in Anime for 2021.

9.) Maryland

Maryland’s year long trends included anime girl and anime characters. Fans in Maryland are all about their favorites. That even carries over to their third year long trend, best anime. Fans of anime in Maryland don’t care about what’s trending, they want the best. Current trends of the old line state include Anime Fighting Simulator (Roblox Game), Basketball Anime, and Anime Filters. It seems that Maryland is very much like Nevada in showcasing their love of anime of social media through the use of filters.

Maryland's Interest in Anime for 2021.

8.) Washington

In the state of Washington, the exact same yearlong trends carried over from Maryland. Washington anime fans mostly searched for Anime Girl, Anime Characters, and the Best Anime. However, their current trends followed a little bit of what is currently mainstream in the anime world. The number one spot is searching for things related to the Jujutsu Kaisen anime show. The second most searched anime-related item is Anime filters for social media. But the third most searched anime-related term was Redo of Healer. It seems that the anime world of Washington is a little more taboo, due to the association with Redo of Healer and its current shock material.

Washington's Interest in Anime for 2021.

7.) Oklahoma

Oklahoma is all about the waifus. Their number one year-long search term was Anime girl. Number two was Anime characters and three was Anime Girls. It’s uncommon to see two of the almost identical search terms in the top three yearlong spots. As for what’s trending in Oklahoma, Bleach the anime was number one. I guess the anime fans of Oklahoma are all about taking down hollows. The number two searched trending topic was Animefix, the website. Then number three was Anime Fighting Simulator, the popular game.

Oklahoma's Interest in Anime for 2021.

6.) Arizona

Arizona followed the same trends I’ve been seeing for their year-long searches. Those three are in first to last: Anime Girl, Anime Characters, and Best Anime. The trending searches for anime fans in Arizona were pretty interesting. All three were anime shows. The number one trending search was the Black Butler anime. Number two was Jujutsu Kaisen, which makes sense for what’s currently popular mainstream. Then number three trending was the Orange anime series. Orange was surprising. I guess Arizona anime fans are lacking some drama and romance in their lives.

Arizona's Interest in Anime for 2021.

5.) Texas

Goodness, let’s talk about Texas. They are taking the number five spot for most interest in anime. Their 3-year long search trends include Anime Girls, Anime Characters, and Best Anime. That is fairly consistent, but what isn’t consistent is there trending searches for 2021. Number one is Animeflix, a popular pirating site. Then numbers two and three both are Redo of Healer anime. This anime is pretty provocative and not being shown on most mainstream anime sites, therefore the number one trend being Animeflix makes sense. Texas is a pretty standout state in the U.S. for many things, it seems that their anime viewership is as well.

Texas's Interest in Anime for 2021.

4.) Alaska

I thought Texas was going to be the most interesting state, but Alaska was up there as well. First I’m not sure if it was a google issue, but there only seemed to be enough data to suggest Anime Girl as the only relevant year-long search term. Waifus are pretty much in control, so I thought. The number one currently trending anime search term for Alaska is Yaoi Anime Genre. This particular genre is known for male on male love interest. So it appears that the year-long search term is related to anime girls but the trending search term is related to anime boys loving boys. An interesting switch. The number two and three terms were Anime Simulation (Roblox Game) and FREE! the anime series.

Alaska's Interest in Anime for 2021.

3.) California

California takes the number three spot for the most concentration of anime searches. Their top three-year-long searches were: Anime Girl, Anime Characters, and Anime to Watch. Their current three trendings searched terms involved a variety of anime. The number one searched term was the Given anime movie. Given was just recently released in 2020. The number two searched term for California was the anime, Horimiya. Horimiya is your typical rom-com anime. Then number three was Redo of Healer anime. I guess California might be a bit confused on what classifies as a romance anime.

California's Interest in Anime for 2021.

2.) Nevada

Best girls topped Nevada’s year-long search history. Followed by anime characters and what anime to watch. Similarly, their trending topics also included what anime to watch. This leads me to believe that Nevada anime fans have either seen everything and need new ideas or they are just starting out. Anime fighting sims took number two trending, which I think is meant to be Anime Fighting Simulator the Roblox game. Then following for the third spot was the Parasyte anime. It is uncommon to have an older anime show, in particular, take the spot in trending.

Nevada's Interest in Anime for 2021.

1.) Hawaii

Hawaii takes the number one spot for anime searches on google trends. There might be a correlation between this and Hawaii’s cultural diversity being fairly mixed. Nonetheless, Hawaii’s top three-year-long search terms were: Anime Girl, Anime Characters, and Best Anime. Their trending search terms are a mix. The number one trending search term for Hawaii is Anime Wall Paper. Then number two was Anime pfp. I wasn’t too sure what Anime pfp was, so I looked it up. It stands for a picture for proof. Therefore Hawaiian anime fans love using anime profile pictures. Lasley the number three trending search term for Hawaii was the Bleach anime. This is the second time we’ve seen Bleach trending amongst the top ten states.

Hawaii's Interest in Anime for 2021.

So there are the top ten states ordered by anime interest. If your state is not listed in the top ten, its easy to go check out google trends and see what they are currently into. If you don’t want to dive that deep, but are curious on what rank your state was for anime interest in general. Below is that continued list.

11. Oregon

12. Virginia

13. Georgia

14. Delaware

15. Florida

16. Arkansas

17. Kansas

18. Idaho

19. Utah

20. Louisiana

21. North Carolina

22. Kentucky

23. Indiana

24. Minnesota

25. South Carolina

26. New Jersey

27. New York

28. Alabama

29. West Virginia

30. Illinois

31. Mississippi

32. Colorado

33. North Dakota

34. South Dakota

35. Rhode Island

36. Michigan

37. Tennessee

38. Missouri

39. Connecticut

40. Iowa

41. Massachusetts

42. Pennsylvania

43. Wisconsin

44. Wyoming

45. Montana

46. Nebraska

47. Ohio

48. Maine

49. New Hampshire

50. Vermont

51. District of Columbia


Larthian is a marketing professional during the day and an anime lover at night. Some of his early favorites titles are: Ghost in the Shell, Hunter X Hunter, and Naurto. Larthian Contributes weekly to AnimeAfar on various topics.